Bas02 agitador magnético + 2x magnético lab barra de agitación, magnetic stir




Bas02 agitador magnético con 2 x magnético lab barra de agitación.
When brewing it is very important to pitch enough yeast and to ensure that the yeast is healthy and ready to do the job you want it to do. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to make a yeast starter using a stir plate. 
Making your yeast starter using a stir plate helps you to:
– quickly reach a high number of active yeast cells
– reduce the likelihood of infections
– improve the taste of your brew by promoting a healthy fermentation and consequently diminish the amount of offensive flavors stemming from the presence of excess sulfur compounds, fusel alcohols and diacetyl produced by stressed yeast.
This can be achieved by using an laboratory grade stir plate, but unfortunately these units are very expensive, and quite often bulky and noisy.
The BrewSci stir plate model Bas02 measures a mere 3.5 x 11.5 x 13 cm (1.5″ x 4.5″ x 5″), but is able to easily carry and stir the contents of flasks up to 2 liters in size, and stand securely on the table thanks to its four rubber feet. Please note that although the first picture shows a vortex reaching from the top of the liquid to the magnet, this is merely for illustrative purposes. We recommend that you set the speed of the stir plate so that at most you see a very small dimple on the surface of your starter. This is to avoid that the yeast is exposed to excess physical stress, which may induce cell stress and production of off-flavors. We have experienced and firmly believe that a yeast starter with a relatively small, but healthy population of yeast will yield a much tastier beer than a yeast starter containing a large population of stressed yeasts.
Bas02 contains a quiet but sturdy motor and two powerful neodymium magnets of grade N52, the highest grade of neodymium magnet available, superior to the magnets found in most other stir plates. The stir plate is powered by an external power supply.
When buying a BrewSci stir plate you also get two high quality 2.5 cm (1″) Teflon coated stir bars. The second stir bar can be used to avoid that the stir bar in the yeast starter ends up in your fermenter. Please note that the flask is not included.

procom Bas02 agitador magnético + 2x magnético lab barra de agitación, magnetic stir

Package contents:
One BrewSci Bas02 stir plate
Two 2.5 cm (1″) Teflon coated stir bars.
One EU Power adapter. 
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